The verses (phenomena) of Deus (in Latin means God) are all existing phenomena that are signifying to the role of the Creator from the laboratory scale to the vast universe, and nothing in this universe is out of His role. In these series we are not citing directly or indirectly a verse or words from the messages of the Creator because we should keep them out from the bazaar of science. The aim of the verses of Deus is to deliberate the essence of the cosmosophy (knowledge of the universe) on a new foundation of science and to knockdown the false structure of science that was founded to serve the dialogue of the atheists. To prove what is wrong cannot be right and what is right cannot be wrong. That will require us to restore the universal phenomena found in cosmos or discovered by mankind and rebuild them on a new foundation of science. Reanalyzing any discovered phenomenon is our right since it cannot be possessed by any one.