A likelihood of human being to act arrogantly toward the messages of the Creator is more likely attributed to his fear from being restricted to the rules of the Creator that may interfere with his spontaneous life. Consequently, the messages of the Creator were being treated with various responses to justify the spontaneous life. A spectrum departed the messages, a spectrum opposes aggressively the messages and a spectrum bends the messages from its real direction to accommodate their desires and those are the worst of all. The aim of the whole spectra is to initiate doubts to the scriptures of the messages of the Creator, hence to be mistrusted. The view of Galileo Galilei toward the Bible resembles a clear example: not to take every passage literally, the Bible is not a history book or instructions, it is a book of poetry and songs. The vast majorities of the “followers” of the messages of God convey Galileo’s view but with different frequencies: the scriptures are too old to be trusted, the scriptures have no exact meaning, the scriptures are in conflict with modern science, and so on. When a computer programmer writes an instruction for his program he guides the users step-by-step so that they are able to install the program probably. The user is required to follow the steps of the instruction, literally, without misunderstanding. The instruction is not a book of songs and poems. What a wonderful world: the instruction of the programmer is clearly stated and it has certain direction to be followed but the instructions of the Creator for most mankind have no exact direction. What a wonderful world: the computer programmer made his instructions explicitly but the Creator of the universe made His instructions implicitly. Why the messages of the Creator are mistrusted by most mankind? Would the Creator misguide us with His instructions or His instructions have no exact meaning? Would one believe that the Creator was not able to state in all His messages an exact mechanism for a phenomenon in His universe? Would one believe that the verses of the cosmos motion are stated in a confusing way by the Creator? Would one believe that the Creator of the Universe could not state the cosmos motion properly but Copernicus, Newton, Galileo, Kepler, and the rest of these series were able to state the cosmos motion properly? Is it because of the modern science they mistrusted the scriptures of the messages of the Creator? Is it because of the Typhon’s look of the modern science they mistrusted His messages? Alright, we shall knockdown the Typhon piece-by-piece, from atom to planets. We shall repossess all universal phenomena from the wrong hands. Mistakenly, they have denied the existence of the Creator and His role in the universe. Indeed, they have deceived the human by their fake theories and vague principals. We are appreciating the inventors of all technologies which are weightless if balanced in front of oxygen molecules that are made by the Creator of the universe, period!