The Verses of Deus is a long series that will take the readers from the microscopic science to the vast cosmos. The journey will be with a united cargo, united equation. We shall move from one sector of science to another without the use of other cargos—we don’t need them. During the journey we shall see a solid link between biology (living) and abiology (a + biology; without life) with one phenomenon. The journey will include the collapses of many atheistic principals; the first book is an example. The brightest accomplishments in this series are the scientific proof of the existence of the Creator and His role in the universe that enfolds the inventions of mankind. The proof of the existence of the Creator is the most rigid proof. It is hard to be denied or to be doubted by any. It is 100 % sure. The proof of the existence of the Creator of the universe with modern science is very essential for modern human. Whether the modern human admits its necessity or not it laps him in difficult moments. Most breathers are realizing the importance of Microsoft Windows, and the consequences of violating the copyright. Do they realize the importance of oxygen molecules and the consequences of violating the right of the Creator? Basically, if there is God then; we should find His signature on each created matter. The proof of the existence of the Creator is not a political issue that should be approved by the well-known scientific communities? It is an issue who has the proof. The issue of God is not discussed in science because the lack of evidence to the existence of the Creator as claimed by scientists. Not because they failed to bring such evidence is the proof of the absence of the evidence. The role of the Creator, united phenomenon, is the cardinal structure of all universal and laboratorial phenomena. The universal phenomenon is an empirical data in the hand of mankind, he had missed its proper evaluation, he missed its meaning, and he missed its value because of few dollars. Because of great morals, we had to get the universal theory from the most precious data, not in the hand of mankind, in front of his eyes but without having attention to it. The role of the Creator is the order of abiotics (non living matters or without life) and biotics (living “matters” or organisms). It is the order of all inventions made by mankind, period! One united phenomenon is the true knowledge of the universe. It enfolds all information that one needs to know. It is named here, the cosmosophial (cosmo + sophy + al) phenomenon. It is only one answer for all questions. It covers the whole branches of science without segregation. The united equation, united cargo, is a mathematical equation derived physically to overpass the microscopic and macroscopic branches of science without the need of any physical or chemical constants. Would one equation fitted to the macro-and-micro sciences requires votes from scientific communities and those hundreds disordered equations accepted by them are the order of our life. One answer to all questions is not a question, but hundreds answers to those questions are not the solution. So, the series will include scattered topics in science, mentioning some: general physics, solid physics, lasers, astronomy, astrophysics, aeronautics, atomic physics, chemistry, electrochemistry, aerospace, optics, satellites, isotopes, atomic elements, mathematics and algebra, quantum mechanics, classical theory, rocket engines, ecology, biology, biophysics, embryology, propagation of species “evolution”, electromagnetic, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, metaphysics, geophysics, applied measurements, and philosophy. In addition to the above, the series will include an order of atomic elements evaluated by the united equation, a new periodic table. Both O16 and C12 are not the proper scales of the periodic table (table of isotopes and elements). Which element in the periodic table has a meaning? The series will include dozens of solved problems selected from a wide range of science. It covers fundamental topics relevant to human’s life at all levels of educations and backgrounds. It is a new foundation of science that is praising the Creator of the universe.